Organizations face crucial challenges related to the governance of their information. Against this backdrop, the Information Strategy and Governance Chair offers an academic framework to meet these challenges. The Chair contributes to the advancement of knowledge related to the information governance. It provides a framework for anticipating market expectations, following a pragmatic and concrete approach. It benefits the entire ecosystem of private and public enterprises. Teaching and Research Chair, it constitutes a forum for privileged exchange between students, researchers, and practitioners. Using an appropriate pedagogy, students are thus trained in the concepts, methods, and tools of information governance. The researchers, attentive to the practitioners’ needs, ground their approaches in reality. Practitioners are thus at the forefront of thinking and developing information governance strategies.

Born out of a meeting between the organisation demand and ESSEC’s academic skills, the creation of this Chair makes it possible to include companies sponsors at the heart of research, pedagogy and the development of knowledge. The common finding is that the management of information, through tools as sophisticated as they are, is no longer sufficient to govern this flow. We need to get an overview, integrate this “intangible asset” into our strategies and master the complexity of information. The objectives of the Chair is based on a prospective multi-faceted study that popularises the cultural, regulatory and technological phenomena around information. This study will then feed into a working group in charge of defining the needs of the market. In partnership with the IAI-Awards contest on the governance of information in organisations, the Chair offers experience-oriented events, studies reproducible use cases and aims to promote information governance and management initiatives.


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