Devoteam is a major player in innovative technologies and management consulting for companies. Our 6,700+ professionals are committed to winning the battle of digital to our customers. Present in 18 countries in Europe and the Middle East and with more than 20 years of experience, we put ‘Technology at the service of man’ to create value for our customers, our partners, and our customers. employees. Devoteam will achieve in 2018 an estimated annual turnover of nearly 650 M €. At Devoteam, we are “Digital Transformakers”.

François-Benjamin  Remazeilles

François-Benjamin Remazeilles has been involved for more than 20 years in governance & information systems efficiency topics.Within importants companies or central administrations, he has developed a pragmatic vision of Data Management, both in terms of strategic fundamentals and processes to improve data quality.

Florian Strich

Florian works since 2013 in data protection field. With a CNIL lawyer training he has evolved towards piloting compliance programs with the GDPR. He is now supporting his clients in preparing them for the post-GDPR: the establishment of information governance.

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