Pramana & the chair share a common conviction regarding the significance of a good joint between strategy & data governance. Pramana is developing operational methods & applicable to all businesses.

Pramana is a consulting firm specializing in Digital Transformation of Organizations, Governance and Data Management and Enterprise Structure. Our approach is characterized by the ability to operationally land business strategic topics by infusing a unique blend of rigor into methods and analysis, of dynamism into the mobilization of company strengths, and innovation. in practices. We live in a different world, a new world, a digital world. More than ever, digital poses a challenge and positions itself at the center of the issues and concerns of businesses. In this fast-acting changing environment, Pramana brings professional and expert advice to companies to guide them on new technologies, catalyze creative ideas, and help them anticipate and build their digital future in a sustainable way. We approach these challenges through three cornerstones of digital transformation: Strategy and Digital Innovation, Enterprise Architecture, and Data Management.

Vincent Givaudan

Expert in Data Management and Data Governance, Vincent is manager and educational trainer at Pramana. He is working with companies of all sizes on data projects such as the implementation of data governance, the audit of practices or the recovery of pending projects. He also teaches CDMP certifying trainings and coachings to Data Officers and professionals data.

Marcel Lee

Associated Director Associé et co-founder of Pramana, Marcel is an expert in Data Management & Data Governance and educational trainer at Pramana University also.He is also teaching as VP Programmes in French Association DAMA, and is leading on behalf of Chief Data Officer Club. His dual experience as a final client and consultant allows him to advise his clients with efficiency and realism, and to provide training rich in field experience.

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