Département de la Seine-Saint-Denis

Le Département de la Seine-Saint-Denis

is committed in a strategy of modernization and innovation of its user relationship. This strategy aims to bring strong digital challenges in terms of access to rights, of mediation with users, continuous improvement of management, transparency and the valuation of our public policies.
Olivier Veber, General Director of Services, has decided to stimulate a new dynamic in the management of data and information. It’s all about improving the quality of services to the public, making our data more operational, more strategic and more forecasting.
The partnership with the ESSEC Chair in Information Governance & Strategy will be one of the levers of transformation of the administration, as well as a new asset to innovate on our territory.

The Departmental Council of Seine-Saint-Denis implements many public policies serving more than 1.5 million inhabitants: solidarity policies (social action, childhood, family, integration, health, autonomy …), educational, cultural and sports policies, planning and sustainable development policies, ecological policies … Chaired by Stéphane Troussel, the Department has 8,000 staff and more than 2.2 billion euros of annual budget. In the service of a young and dynamic territory, he is now preparing for the hosting of the Olympic and Paralympic Games in 2024.

Jannick Labatut

A dual training and skills developed in design (School of Beaux-Arts) and companies information-documentation.
A first professional experience in scenography (architecture, TV, fashion photography, museum, theater), in Tunisia, Italy, France. A second professional life as Head of quality documentation and events at the Water and Sanitation and Engineering Documentary Department in the Studies and Evaluation Department. Today, Head of the intelligence and knowledge management department at the Strategy Department of the Seine-Saint-Denis Department.

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